WHAT IS A HEART POCKET?shapeimage_1_link_0
Some Call Them...
Amulet Bags, Mojo Bags, Medicine Pouches, Healing Pouches, Gemstone Bags, Magic Bags....
AND....They Are All Correct!
“Be Authentic...Be Yourself.....Wear Your Magic!”
I created my first Heart Pocket before my second knee surgery.  I needed a small “something” to hold a tiny gemstone statue of a kitty, a good luck charm I aptly named “Esme” after my beloved feline; King Esme Phillipe II. I fastened my hand crafted “pocket” with velcro to my hospital gown and viola...a creation was born.


*Heart Pockets *Wishing Cats

*Totem Protectors

*Totem Pendulums

*All My Creations Are Made By Hand With Magic, Love And  Pride! I Also Include My Self-Published  Animal Totem & Gemstone Guide With Your Purchase!

Esme’s Heart Pockets Are Beautiful, Powerful & Unique Just Like You!

Esme’s Heart Pockets, Esme’s Thoughtful Cards, Montague’s Pins & Penelope’s Charms, Wishing Cats, Animal Totem Protectors, Solar Catchers & Totem Pendulums are protected by a higher power and the United States Government

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Heart Pocket Wishing Cats Unique & Magical! Filled With Herbs...Each Cat Has A Tiny Heart Pocket All It’s Own!

Totem Protectors!

Lion Heart Pocket Created For King Richard’s Faire!

Animal Totem Pendulums