WHAT IS A HEART POCKET?shapeimage_1_link_0
Some Call Them...
Amulet Bags, Mojo Bags, Medicine Pouches, Healing Pouches, Gemstone Bags, Magic Bags....
AND....They Are All Correct!
“Be Authentic...Be Yourself.....Wear Your Magic!”
I created my first Heart Pocket before my second knee surgery.  I needed a small “something” to hold a tiny gemstone statue of a kitty, a good luck charm I aptly named “Esme” after my beloved feline; King Esme Phillipe II. I fastened my hand crafted “pocket” with velcro to my hospital gown and viola...a creation was born.


*Heart Pockets *Wishing Cats

*Totem Protectors

*NEW Solar Catchers

*Tiny Books

*Gemstone Charms

*All My Creations Are Made By Hand With Pride!

Esme’s Heart Pockets Are Beautiful, Powerful & Unique Just Like You!

Esme’s Heart Pockets, Esme’s Thoughtful Cards, Montague’s Pins & Penelope’s Charms, Wishing Cats, Animal Totem Protectors, Solar Catchers & Totem Pendulums are protected by a higher power and the United States Government

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Heart Pocket Wishing Cats Unique & Magical! Filled With Herbs...Each Cat Has A Tiny Heart Pocket All It’s Own!

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2014 Totem Protectors! Animal Totems, Spiritual Totems!

*NEW* SOLAR CATCHERS! These Animal Totems  work during the daylight, capturing the sun energy to protect and enhance daily activities!

2014 King Richard’s Faire!


Lion Heart Pocket Created For King Richard’s Faire!